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Book Publishing Online – Top Tips for Success

Self-publishing does more than give people the opportunity to get their books in front of readers. The process also gives would-be authors the opportunity to be successful. However, as the online book publishing  industry continues to experience incredible growth, it is more important than ever for authors to set themselves up for success as they start down the self-publishing path.

Promote Yourself

If you go with a major publishing company, they will promote your book for you. However, if you publish your book yourself, you need to handle the promotion. You can use social networks to promote your book, but you need to approach your online presence with  a greater level of seriousness to really make it work for your promotional efforts. Set up Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts for your book. The key to this step is “active engagement” of your followers. Promotional tools that aid this engagement include making a website, giving daily updates and hosting giveaways.

Get Reviews

Reviews are an excellent way to enjoy success when you publish your book. Of course, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about getting reviews. Some people trade reviews and that is a bad idea. If your reviews are not genuine, they’re not worth anything.

A good way to get honest reviews is through reader giveaways. GoodReads is an excellent platform for this. You can list your book as a free giveaway, choose the number of copies that you will give away during a set amount of time, and GoodReads will find people who are interested in the book and then select winners for the giveaway. The readers can then leave a review about the book.

It is important to note that you should do this before you publish your book. The winners will get advanced copies.

Don’t Stop at One

People who succeed at book publishing online typically have more than one book out there. If you continuously release books, you can build a following. Then, you will benefit from word of mouth advertising.

Be Professional

You need to approach book publishing professionally if you are going to be successful. Professional covers, author bio, and writing go a long way in helping people achieve success. You can create a professional book by using a service for book publishing online. Good online book publishing services help with everything from formatting your manuscript to picking a cover design.

Use these tips to help you become successful when you try your hand at book publishing online.

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