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Book Publishing Online – Top Tips for Success

Self-publishing does more than give people the opportunity to get their books in front of readers. The process also gives would-be authors the opportunity to be successful. However, as the online book publishing  industry continues to experience incredible growth, it is more important than ever for authors to set themselves up for success as they start… Read More »

Posted in Self Publishing on December 3rd, 2014

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The Do’s and Don’ts of On Demand Publishing

Self-publishing gives an author the freedom to be  the “creative spirit” when publishing their books. Still, you would want to follow some guidelines to insure success with on demand publishing. There’s a balance to be struck between doing what you want and producing something that others are interested in, better yet creating something you want… Read More »

Posted in Self Publishing on October 16th, 2014

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How to Self Publish Your Book

At one time, authors had to struggle to find agents and book publishing companies in order to get a book out to the public. The Print On Demand industry has opened the door. Now, authors can get their book out to the public without the roadblocks the “gatekeepers” (as the publishers used to be referred too) put in… Read More »

Posted in Self Publishing on August 28th, 2014

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