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Finding a Balance Between Writing and Marketing

Whether you’ve gone the self publishing or traditional publishing route, one thing remains the same: today’s authors are expected to not only write but to engage their audience (i.e. marketing through social media, newsletters, blogs, etc). So, how does one strike the necessary balance between writing and non-related writing work? Our on demand publishing company has listed some tips below.

Set Goals to Hard Deadlines

Maybe you’re searching for a new book writing template or hoping to increase readership to your blog. Whatever it is, it’s easier to accomplish if you list all the footwork necessary to get you there and the required time period you’ll need to do it in.

Top Three Tasks

If you can narrow down your to-do list each day to three musts, then the overall goal doesn’t seem so overwhelming. Of course, there will be days – especially if you’re self publishing – when your schedule only allows for you to complete one task – be realistic and flexible.

Hit Pause

Step away from your work (yes, we know it’s hard) and do something stress free for at least 15 to 20 minutes a day. If you don’t, you risk your performance level deteriorating as you struggle to concentrate and allow anxiety and exhaustion to build.

Set Boundaries

A work-life balance is important no matter what your profession. Just as it’s crucial not to have distractions at work, the same goes for life outside the office. Being present at home reduces your stress-level at work and increase productivity.

Review Your Original Goal

Because there’s so much to do and often not enough hours in a day (or month, or year…) it’s easy to lose track of what your original objective was. Checking in and reviewing your set intention, helps you prioritize better and re-evaluate tasks, to ensure their moving you forward in the direction you wish to go.

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