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How to Self Publish Your Book

At one time, authors had to struggle to find agents and book publishing companies in order to get a book out to the public. The Print On Demand industry has opened the door. Now, authors can get their book out to the public without the roadblocks the “gatekeepers” (as the publishers used to be referred too) put in place. Now you can learn the ropes of online book publishing and you are well on your way to publishing your book.

Find a Print On Demand Company

Unless you have your own printing press, you will need some outside help in order to publish your book. Fortunately, there are companies out there who will handle the self-publishing mechanics for you. It is important that you understand what these book publishing companies offer. You also need to remember that your are in essence the publisher and the companies assisting you are your printer, shipper, collector. The primary benefit of print on demand (POD) is having your books printed when they sell, releasing you from the need for large print runs, packaging and shipping individual books and still retaining your profits.  That means you can put your efforts into promoting your book and working on your next book. Some online book publishing companies offer great tools and services like text editing help, cover design, and a variety of other useful authoring tools. The more tools you learn to use, the more likely you’ll get the end result that you want.

Turn Your Manuscript Into a Book

Readers expect the setting and design of a book to be at a certain standard. You need to publish your book in a way that looks professional. Readers will “judge a book by its cover” and if its appearance looks sloppy, they will assume the content is as well. This means you need to format your book. Some book publishing companies, such as TheBookPatch, actually offer free templates that you can use to form your table of contents, pages, and front and back covers. This makes the formatting process much easier. A book that looks like it was designed by a pro will add appeal, when you go to sell your books online.

Find Retailers

After you get your book ready to publish, you need to find retailers. After all, you can’t sell your books online unless you have a marketplace. Most publishing companies will let you sell the book from their site. That is a great start, but you should also branch out when you decide to publish your book. get your book into brick and mortar bookstores in your area, mingle with your flesh and blood readers and build a following. If they like your book and get to meet you in the flesh, they will spread the word. When possible, use drop shipping (to save a leg of shipping) so the publishing company will send the books directly to your customers. It is not difficult to publish your book. If you have a great idea, you can use a print on demand company. Then, you can sell your books online and realize your dreams of becoming a published author.

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