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The Do’s and Don’ts of On Demand Publishing

Self-publishing gives an author the freedom to be  the “creative spirit” when publishing their books. Still, you would want to follow some guidelines to insure success with on demand publishing. There’s a balance to be struck between doing what you want and producing something that others are interested in, better yet creating something you want that others will love.

Do Have Someone Edit Your Book For You

It’s highly recommended that you have another pair of eyes go over your book before you go all out with it. There are small things that are easy to pick up on but having gone over your book so many times you are very likely to miss. I know of at least one instance where and author didn’t catch his own name spelled wrong on the title page.

The ability to print a single copy with Print On Demand affords you the luxury of handing a friend what looks like a finished book and asking him/her to read it and edit for you. That will make your book a better book even if you don’t accept all the comments but do pay attention.

Editors for the most part help you create a better book. You can also seek profesional editors but be ready to pay the price.

Make sure you have a few books on hand.

If you are self publishing and will most likely self promote. (in the upcoming blogs I will be discussing that in more detail) you need to have some copies on hand for your local media outlets, radio Tv and printed press to give and get their attention. Also you need to come with a few in hand when approaching your local bookstore to arrange for a book signing. Don’t forget that now that you are self publishing your book you are not just the author but the book publisher as well.

Don’t Respond to Negative Reviews

When you publish your book, you will feel as if you have a piece of hart out there. You will feel protective of it, but you should never respond to a negative review with defensiveness. You can’t expect everyone to like your book. Keep your head high and keep moving forward. Often reviewers will attack because they get more readership with negativity. Dont forget that if they give a bad review they are less likely to be wrong as their readers will not read the book and won’t complain while if they do give a good review they could feel the wrath of their readers who did buy the book but didn’t like it. It’s business.

Don’t Have the Field of Dreams Mentality

You can’t think that if you “create it, they will come”. You have to market your book. Your on demand book publishing company will not do it for you. Some might bill you for it but you should keep your expectations low from what they can deliver. It’s up to you, hit social media to build an author platform or create a blog. You can also have a site specifically for your book or books. It helps to address your marketing plan before you publish your book, that way you have an idea of how it will be received in the marketplace.

Don’t Limit Yourself to One Sales Channel

Remember your readers are out there and if you believe they will enjoy your book it’s your duty to let them know about it.

Use whatever means are at your disposal to do so. Place them in as many places as will take them and work at it all the time. You never know who knows whom and you may just be talking to the one who could turn your story into a national success. It happens..

Book publishing is an exciting process, especially when you publish your book for the first time. Do the work so that success could follow, you need to pave the road for it to arrive.

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