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The Most Important Book Marketing Strategy

Many who self publish a book are looking for the magic book marketing formula that wins them acclaim and gets their work into the hands of countless readers. So, of course the million dollar question is… what’s the most important marketing strategy that will accomplish all this? Write a really great book. The answer is easy, doing it may not be.

The truth is there is no perfect marketing plan. Yes, garnering book reviews, creating a killer website and building your author platform through social media, are all important elements in your overall marketing strategy, but they alone are not enough to “wow” the book publishing world.

Even the best tactical book launch campaigns – you know the ones that include network television appearances – may be able to bring in a lot of book sales for a mediocre book in the first few days and weeks of a campaign, but soon enough the façade starts to crumble. Without genuinely stunning content, a book is not going to stay a “bestseller” for long.

There are a number of ways authors can enhance their marketing approach such as driving online traffic using keyword strategies, selling books at workshops or becoming a spokesperson for their cause. But the truly “secret” ingredient to selling a lot of books and becoming a household name can’t be dreamed up in the big world of book publishing and marketing, it has to come from you, the author.

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