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What is Your Author Business Plan

If you are looking to publish a book on your own, you may think you can skip the business plan (otherwise known as a book proposal) step that traditionally published authors must complete. But in fact every author needs a business plan…so what’s yours?

Target Market

The first step in your author business plan should be deciding if your book idea is a viable business proposition. Whether you go for a traditional book publishing company or do it on your own through a publishing on demand service, make sure your book is sellable. An easy way to do this is to determine your ideal reader and target market. If you want to publish a book that sells, the market you’re aiming for needs to gain something from your work.

Competitive Analysis

Conduct this research before you write your manuscript and definitely before you sell your books online. Competitive analysis allows you to see what authors in your same category have already done. Then you can use this information to ensure your book is unique and necessary.

Adjust For Maximum Marketing Potential

Once you’ve gathered your target market and competitive analysis information use it to make your original idea more marketable. This step helps to drive content decisions in the direction that will best serve your readers and increase sales.

If you want to publish a book that sells well, you have to think about your business plan ahead of time and use it as your go-to guide while writing.

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